Liposuction – A best surgical process to remove fat from the body

Liposuction – A best surgical process to remove fat from the body


Obesity is one of the leading causes of death and with the current lifestyle more people are falling into obese category with each passing year. Being fat is undesirable for most of the people. It not only hurts their self-esteem, it also puts them at high risk for many diseases, such as heart problems, diabetes, joint pain and many more. More and more people are now dissatisfied with their weight and weight loss industry is gradually turning into a multi-billion dollar industry globally. A person having a high body mass index can face a wide range of health issues in his life. Also, being obese causes severe depression among the young generation and it isolates them from the rest of the world.The stigma attached to weight gain makes it harder for an overweight person to lead a normal life. Making people feel low about their bodies demotivates them, and they lose interest in taking care of themselves. Phycological health is as important as physical health and obesity harms both. Overall their quality of life is greatly diminished making them feel miserable about themselves.

There are various ways to cut down body fat such as exercising, limiting calorie intake and taking some dietary pills. Overall they all require long-term commitment and dedication. Luckily, there are surgical options available as well and liposuction is one of the most commonly used methods these days. It is gaining popularity in countries like India after becoming a huge success in western countries. Placses like Siliguri have some of the best liposuction clinics in the country. It’s very demotivating and frustrating when people try hard to lose fat from their body but cant get desired success. For many people following a strict diet is difficult and their lifestyle doesn’t permit them to follow an exercise regime. For them going for this option is the best possible choice and it has become a very popular surgical process from past few decades. This is a safe process to remove the excess fat from the target area without going through the pain of dieting and rigorous exercise. Millions of people worldwide are opting for this and benefitting from the process. It is the most sought-after plastic surgery in the United States, a country where obesity is becoming a major issue.

Liposuction should be performed by expert medical practitioners and al the guidelines should be properly followed. The candidate willing to go through the process must be examined thoroughly by a qualified surgeon and he should be in good health. Pregnant women and people suffering from serious illness should avoid getting this done as they are not good candidates for it.

When a person gains weight, fat cells inside his body grow in size and volume. Liposuction is done for reducing the number of these cells in the specific body part. The amount of fat removed depends on the appearance of the area and the volume of fat.People should keep in mind that liposuction is not a weight loss process and it is only used to eliminate concentrated fat from the target area. It doesn’t erase the stretch marks and cannot eliminate cellulite from the body. During the process, small, thin tubes known as cannula are inserted in the skin through small cuts. Then the doctor moves these tubes and fat is sucked out of the body through these tubes. It can be done on various body parts such as arms, thighs, belly and hips. This is the most commonly used method for liposuction.

Nowadays, with technological advancement liposuction has become a safer and more convenient process and also less painful. People are happy and satisfied with the result as it gives them the look they wanted and restores their self-confidence. The risk associated with the process is not very high but there are some precautionary measures which should be followed by candidates and doctors both. It should not be done in a very large area as it can complicate the whole process making it riskier. Candidates should know about the risk factors associated with it that included temporary swelling and rashes along with redness. It can also cause bacterial infection and fluid imbalance. These are all short-term side effects which will go away with time.

To avoid these risks a person should be in good health and should have a firm and elastic skin. Liposuction should always be done by a certified plastic surgeon. Its preferable to be a non-smoker. People with low immunity should refrain from the process and first try to build a stronger immunity with balanced-diet and healthy lifestyle. The recovery can take a few weeks and in the meanwhile people who underwent this surgery need to take antibiotics to avoid any kind of post-surgery infections. Mostly, people can go back to work within two to three weeks of the surgery but it might take longer in some candidates.

It is advisable that after liposuction, in order to maintain the shape of your body, you should follow a proper and healthy diet and do regular exercise.

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