Everything you should know about hairtransplant process – Misconceptions & factuals

Everything you should know about hairtransplant process – Misconceptions & factuals

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When it comes to topics of hair loss and hair transplant, many people are still sceptical about the whole process. There are many willing candidates who want to know more about the process as it is a big decision to make and one needs to be aware of the facts associated with the process. There are many blogs and videos covering the topic and people might get confused reading them.

Nowadays hair transplant clinics are spread all over India and cities like Siliguri have some of the best hair transplant clinics in the country. It is always better to visit one of these clinics before making a final decision if someone wants to go ahead with the process. These places usually have experts who can make a thorough examination in order to determine if a person is an ideal candidate for the process or not. It is always advisable to take expert’s opinion on this matter and visit a professional and experienced surgeon if someone wants to go ahead with the process.

Talking about hair loss, it’s a very common problem which affects the majority of the population, making it a common appearance issue. Millions of people worldwide experience this problem at some point, some experience only partial hair loss while others experience it in severe form. Both the genders are affected, only the pattern of baldness is different. Also known as alopecia, it is more of a cosmetic concern than a health concern. Like many other cosmetic problems, hair loss is treatable now and hair transplant is one of the most effective ways to find a long-lasting solution to it.

With the surge in cosmetic surgery worldwide, hair transplant has become a popular and promising method of hair restoration. Still, many people don’t have any idea what this whole process is. There are many myths associated with the whole process. For example, many people think it is a very expensive process and out of reach of people belonging to the middle class. It was certainly true earlier, but now there are many cheaper options available and people can also pay for the process in instalments in many countries. Earlier the process was availbele in just a few developed countries but now it’s easily available in many parts of the world and people don’t need to travel in order to get this done. It makes the overall process cheaper. The fact is, the benefits associated with the process is long lasting and it provides a permanent solution to the problem, making it one of the most value for money solution.

Many people also think that the transplanted hairs are not permanent and they might go bald again. It is another myth as the hairs which are transplanted to the balding site are taken from the donor areas which are hormone resistant and hence they won’t fall off, till the time the hairs on your donor area remains. Also, there is no need to take any special care of the transplanted hairs or to take any oral medication.

Many people fear that its easier to tell if a person has had a hair transplant done. It was the case around the 1950s and 1960s when the modern technique wan not available. Those days the result was not very natural looking. Those days it was easier to tell if a person had the transplant done. Luckily, with modern techniques, such as FUE and FUT this problem has been solved too and it looks as real as your natural hairs. But it should always be done by experts in order to achieve best possible results, as going to an inexperienced surgeon cannot guarantee the best result. The properly done procedure makes it almost impossible to distinguish between natural and implanted hairs.

Another common myth associated with hair transplant is only men are the ideal candidates for the process. It is not the case as these days there are many options available for women facing the problem of hair loss too. It is not always as effective as it is in the case of male pattern baldness, but with new technologies, women can also benefit and can have a desirable result.

Its also assumed that the whole process of hair transplant is very painful and it may take months to heal. Again, with advancement in medical science, it is not the case anymore. Any surgical process is somewhat painful but now the pain is minimized and also the healing time has been shortened significantly. A person can continue his daily activities within two days and the overall healing process is also very fast.

As mentioned one should always aim to see an experienced surgeon. Carefully choosing a reputed clinic is very important if you want to go ahead with the process.

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